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Curtis The Crock

Curtis le crocodile

Just Imagine
Children’s Stories / Histoires pour enfants

Curtis the Crock is a big bully! Will Joseph Crock be able to convince Curtis not to eat him? Will Curtis learn the value of a true friend?
Curtis le crocodile est un grand bully! Est-ce que Joseph le crocodile pourra convaincre Curtis de ne pas le manger? Est-ce que Curtis apprendra l’importance d’avoir un vrai ami?

Curtis The Crock is related in English and French.

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Illustrations by/Illustrations de Shelley Patten-Forster
Cover art by/ Art de couverture de Kate Pellerin
Translation by/Texte français de
Lisette Martineau & Danielle Tanguay

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