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Curtis The Crock

Curtis le crocodile

Just Imagine
Children’s Stories / Histoires pour enfants

Curtis the Crock is a big bully! Will Joseph Crock be able to convince Curtis not to eat him? Will Curtis learn the value of a true friend?
Curtis le crocodile est un grand bully! Est-ce que Joseph le crocodile pourra convaincre Curtis de ne pas le manger? Est-ce que Curtis apprendra l’importance d’avoir un vrai ami?

Curtis The Crock is related in English and French, and has some amazing pictures for children to colour. At the end of the book is a list of questions and keywords, plus a space for children to write their own story.

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Illustrations by/Illustrations de Shelley Patten-Forster
Cover art by/ Art de couverture de Kate Pellerin
Translation by/Texte français de
Lisette Martineau & Danielle Tanguay

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