4 Stars for Gray Mountain

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         4 Stars for Gray Mountain

              by John Grisham

John Grisham’s “Gray Mountain” deserves FIVE stars for the captivating story line; however, I gave it FOUR stars because I felt the main character, Samantha Kofer, was not as strong as Grisham could have made her to be. I would have expected a young woman of her profession to have been more decisive. In the past, I have enjoyed Grisham’s characters; they have really stepped up to the plate to get the job done!

Gray MountainReturning to the story, itself, though, I loved it. There are enough strong characters in the story to carry through the plot. Gray Mountain will bring you to your knees as you weep beside the lives, and sometimes the graves, of the coal miners in the Appalachia mountains. It does a good job of showing the readers the greed and ruthlessness of the big coal companies, and to what extent they will go to cut corners, destroy lives for the sake of a dollar, and destroy nature. For this alone, Gray Mountain is a must read!

Many of Grisham’s books do not fall far from the truth of what goes on behind the walls of the powerful, and Gray Mountain is no exception. Don’t forget to add it to your reading list – you won’t be sorry.



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