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From: Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour, Author – (Writer on the Run) 

Hi: 2019 was a great year. I published three new books:

Past Ghosts, Dragon Disarray, and From the Heart.

I traveled around Southern Ontario with fellow author, Regina Jetleb and we shared our love for books with numerous people.

What does this mean for those who purchased books from me in 2019 (or before)? I have decided to run a contest where everyone – yes, everyone – is a winner. Keep reading to see what you have to do…


Testimonials are important to authors! For each testimonial received, I will send a special gift to the reader.

Why am I asking this of you? I need help to build my reader base, and am asking you to write your review/reviews on or for me. Amazon products won’t do well without reviews. Feeling adventurous?––you can leave a video review, too! (note: must have an Amazon account & have spent a minimum of $50 in the past year)

Once you have posted a testimonial on Amazon, please send a quick email to to confirm. Make sure you include your email for me to forward your gift to you. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can still forward me testimonials directly to my email, or on

I know how valuable everyone’s time is. I thank you in advance for reading my books and for posting reviews on Amazon. (It can be as simple as giving a star rating) It means a lot that you would spend a few minutes to help me succeed. To make it easy for you, here is a list of my books, along with the direct links to your book(s) of choice on either the or the sites.

I would like to thank you for purchasing and reading my books and am so happy you have enjoyed them enough to tell me and others!

Night’s Vampire Series:           

Night’s Gift                                  Night’s Gift

Night’s Children                 Night’s Children

Night’s Return                             Night’s Return

Night’s Temptress                       Night’s Temptress

Night’s Betrayals                         Night’s Betrayals

Night’s Revelations            Night’s Revelations

 Detective Toby Series:                               

Are You Listening to Me                        Are You Listening to Me

Running Away From Loneliness             Running Away From Loneliness

Past Ghosts                                          Past Ghosts

 Short Story Collections:                     

 From the Heart                           From the Heart

Mysteries from the Keys              Mysteries From the Keys


picking up the pieces         picking up the pieces

 Youth Novels/children’s books:                     

A Story of Day & Night                 A Story of Day & Night

The Silver Tree                           The Silver Tree

Dragon Disarray                          Dragon Disarray

Seahorse & Little Girl                   Seahorse & Little Girl

Official Tickler                             Official Tickler

Curtis the Crock (Eng)                 Curtis the Crock (Eng)

Day Bo Found His Bark               Day Bo Found His Bark

Freddy Frog’s Frolic                          Freddy Frog’s Frolic

Charlie Seal                                Charlie Seal

Charlie & the Elves                      Charlie & the Elves

Alexandra’s Christmas                 Alexandra’s Christmas

Jesse’s Secret                            Jesse’s Secret

Temper Tantrum                         Temper Tantrum

Teensy Weensy Spider                Teensy Weensy Spider (colouring book editions)


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