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The Guardian by Nicholas SparksThe Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (Goodreads Author)



Although I own a few of Sparks books, I have never been a big fan of the romance genre. However, the back of this book, “The Guardian” intrigued me enough to set aside my mysteries and open the pages. I was not disappointed in the least! Romance and mystery intertwined tell a believable tale. A definite Five Stars!

In the real world, love does not always just drop in our laps. And, sometimes the love that seems like it might be right, is not. Julie has had a difficult life. Several losses, after-which she picks up the pieces and moves on. Now, she is beginning to move on again, four years after her husband’s passing. Dating her husband’s best friend, despite him now being her best friend, would never occur to Julie, and after a few mediocre dates, Richard walks into her life and tries to sweep her off her feet. Yet, there is something not there for Julie and she turns to Mike, who has been waiting in the shadows for the one he’s fallen in love with.

The dog, Singer, is a beautiful addition to the story. Gifted to Julie by her husband, after his death, Singer proves to be more than just a Great Dane. He truly is Julie’s Guardian.

A beautiful read, well worth the time spent turning the pages.

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