A Cat’s Sacred Duty

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grey kitty and keyboard LOL Wednesday morning will begin as every other morning, with me struggling to get through my morning computer routine while my “Princess” forms herself around my keyboard, or walks across in front of the screen, or pushes her face against my hand as I try to type. As the picture says, (and it is a picture that looks exactly like my Princess) despite the annoyance, I have to stop and scratch behind her ears, or rub her belly. How many of my FB friends have a furry friend helping them to get started in the mornings? Just curious – like a cat! LOL! Have a wonderful day, from your Writer on the Run.


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  • Tracy Bucholtz

    My “princess” would rather sleep in. It is me bothering her first thing in the morning. Although she does agree with your princess that I am not the head of the household.

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