A Taste of Honey – Night’s Temptress!

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A taste of “Night’s Temptress”

Santan looked at his sister. He knew that at some point they would both move away from their childhood lives and embrace their responsibilities within the family unity. He knew what was in store for him – the throne. What Samara’s role would be was yet to be decided.
Samara came over to Santan and grabbed hold of his arm. “Tell me, brother, why is it that you are not excited about this confirmation of who we truly are? We should have no secrets from each other.”
Santan grinned. “I believe you have many secrets from me, sister.”
“How so that you accuse me like that,” Samara pouted. “I have no secrets from you.”
Now, Santan laughed. “Do you think your nightly escapades have gone unnoticed by your ever-watchful brother?”
“What do you mean?”
“I follow you – most nights that you venture out. I have kept your secrets of your liaisons with your boy toys.”
“Why did you not tell mother and father?”
“And have their wrath reign down on my beautiful sister! You are daddy’s little girl…”
“You will sit on the throne one day, Santan – are you not excited about that?”
“Do you want the truth, Samara? Are you able to keep a secret, as I have kept yours these past few years?”
“Of course.”
“I don’t wish the throne when our father is ready to step down. I am in love with someone whom father would never approve of.”
As Samara walked toward the house, she could not help but to feel a certain amount of satisfaction. Santan was clearing the way for her to have her ultimate dream – that of sitting on the throne of power!



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