Are We Really All The Same?

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252699_10150885808586345_993203545_nGood morning everyone. Wow, am I late this morning, but in my defense, I finally decided to go downstairs and re-boot my internet, once I realized that the internet was not working on any of the house computers! It must have froze when it noticed the snow falling! LOL!
Anyway, here is my thought for the day, for whatever it might be worth. This picture says it all, doesn’t it! How many of us have struggled through the school system, feeling we were not understood – that we didn’t fit the mould? I know I did. It is understandable that the system cannot conform to every single need of every child, but to have everything so standardized, and then expect all children, no matter what walk of life they hail from, to pass these tests. When are we, as a society, going to learn? We are all different.
Why not simply teach the children to read and write, to do math that will prepare them for life’s skills, to teach them social understandings, to explore their history and the history of others, etc., etc.
Because a child cannot pass a standardized test does not mean that child is not intelligent or will not succeed in life – it just means they are not the standard mould! We are all different, and thank goodness for our differences – at least this is the way I feel. I am so happy I can put words to a page, because if I had to be responsible for bookkeeping, that would be a total disaster!
What do you all think about this? Do you agree, or disagree? Reasons for your opinion? Would love to hear from you.
Happy Thursday, everyone, from your Writer on the Run!


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