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children-readingBilingual Children’s Books! “Just Imagine Series”

Bringing a world of imagination and activities to children…

I have been working hard over this past year to release my Just Imagine Bilingual Children’s Books/Histoires pour enfants. I have successfully launched eight titles, and the ninth, and final for this year, will be released in October. (Click on the links to order your copies)

Yesterday, I was at the Ancaster Chapters with my bilingual children’s books, and it was heartwarming to have someone come up to my table and say: “We have some of your books, and we read them all the time!” I met many new readers, and was warmed by the fact that so many of the parents were excited about the bilingual children’s books that I am offering. I was overjoyed when a couple of the parents actually got on their phone and contacted the head of the parents’ group at their French Immersion school to see if they could bring me in. I am so excited about these books; they have been on my shelf for way too long.

In case you are unaware of the titles being offered, here they are:

The Day Bo Found His Bark/Le jour où Bo trouva sa voix

Bo has lost his bark––will he ever find it again?

Bo a perdu sa voix––pourra-t-il la retrouver?

Freddy Frog’s Frolic/La gambade de Freddy la grenouille

Freddy Frog learns that there really is no place like home, no matter how big and juicy the flies and grasshoppers are beyond his little home pond.

Freddy la grenouille apprend qu’on n’est jamais aussi bien que chez soi; peu importe si les mouches et les sauterelles sont plus grosses et plus juteuses au-delà du petit étang de chez lui.

The Temper Tantrum/La crise de colère

Christopher is trying hard to control his terrible temper, but the school’s biggest bullies have other plans!

Christophe s’efforce fortement de contrôler son tempérament, mais les plus grosses brutes de l’école ont d’autres plans pour lui!

Charlie and The Elves/Charlie et les lutins

Charlie has a great imagination! However, his grandmother does not. Can he convince her that elves are real, or will this be his forever secret?
Charlie a une grande imagination! Cependant, sa grand-mère n’a pas une grande imagination. Peut-il la convaincre que les lutins sont vrais ou bien est-ce que ceci sera son secret éternel?

Jesse’s Secret/Le secret de Jesse

How will Jesse’s dreams ever come true if he doesn’t tell anyone his big secret?

Comment les rêves de Jesse se réaliseront-ils s’il ne dit à personne son grand secret?

Teensy Weensy Spider/L’araignée Riquiqui

Teensy Weensy Spider has a problem—he cannot climb up the drain pipe at the side of the house! Will Great-grandfather Spider’s advice be enough to get Teensy Weensy to the top?

Riquiqui l’araignée a un problème — il ne peut pas monter le tuyau de drainage qui est situé sur le côté de la maison! Le conseil d’arrière-grand-père-araignée sera-t-il suffisant pour que Riquiqui puisse atteindre le haut?

Charlie Seal Meets a Fairy Seal/Charlie le phoque rencontre une fée

When Charlie Seal finds himself all alone in a barren, icy wasteland, he wishes he had listened to his mom and dad. Will Charlie Seal be given a second chance to make things right and be with his family again?

Lorsque Charlie le phoque s’est retrouvé seul sur un terrain de glace aride et inutilisable, il souhaitait avoir écouté sa mère et son père. Est-ce que Charlie aura une deuxième chance pour rétablir les choses et être de retour avec sa famille?

Alexandra’s Christmas Surprise/La surprise de Noël d’Alexandra

Alexandra has a problem: she doesn’t have a Christmas present for her grandma. But, her mommy has a solution. Will Alexandra’s grandma like her present?

Alexandra a un problèm: elle n’a aucun cadeau à offrir à sa grand-mère pour Noël. Mais, sa Maman a une solution. Est-ce que la grand-mère d’Alexandra aimera son cadeau?

Curtis the Crock to be released in October 2016

Can’t wait for this final book for 2016 of the Just Imagine bilingual children’s books!

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