map of bonesMap of Bones by James Rollins deserves four stars. In many ways, it follows along the same intrigue as the Dan Brown novels of the mysteries of the Vatican secrets.

An entire congregation in a Catholic church are murdered while at worship, but the only thing stolen was a few bones. But these were not just ordinary bones – they were thought to be of the Magi who had visited the baby Jesus. Catholic churches have, over the centuries, stored pieces of bones of saints in vaults.

Now, begins the real story…enter Gray Pierce, an elite Sigma Force. He is to head up a team from the United States to work with two operatives from the Vatican. The total team consists of five individuals. They are on the hunt for the Royal Dragon Court in order to stop them before they obtain the rest of the bones.

However, no matter what Pierce and his team seem to accomplish in the unraveling of the riddle set before them, the Dragon Court seems to be just one step ahead of them, and they begin to wonder who they can trust, and who they cannot! Their quest, or should I say “the bones” leads them all over Europe, exposing long lost secrets – some buried deep in the enclaves of the Vatican itself!

Although there were times that I felt bogged down in technical information in the book, the actual plot and twists and turns kept me wanting to read on to discover the outcome. Rollins even managed to thrown in a bit of romance, which at times clouded Pierce’s judgement. Four stars for keeping me on the edge to discover the secrets of the Map of Bones – the electrifying end to a great story.