Crisp and Sunny Saturday Morning

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I know I have used this picture before, but it called out to me again – what can I say – I am a dreamer! I wondered what I would say today, and as I perused through my new MS, “Night’s Temptress,” on which my editor had just done a content edit, my blood began to boil, my fingers began to tingle, my mind began churning, and my heart burst with yet another dream to be accomplished – another goal to be attained. Life gets shorter and shorter for me; I have passed the crossroad that says I have lived but half a life-time. I have passed six decades, and yes, we are never sure how many we might live, but, how many are left where my body will co-operate and my mind will still be sharp enough to scribe my heart upon the pages! Having said that, though, I shall use each minute to keep setting goals and living my dreams!

 To all the dreamers out there, and, to those who might have forgotten how to dream, close your eyes and dream anew! Happy Saturday from your, Writer on the Run!


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