Dear Fellow Writer – Yes, “Virginia,” Editing is Important!

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Dear Fellow Writer:

A common mistake many writers make is that they submit their work to agents and publishers before it’s really ready. How many of us, as writers, have said we have edited our MS until we believe it is perfect, or have turned our work over to a friend who says they will give us an honest opinion – probably all of us at some point in our endeavor to become a published writer. While there is value in self-editing, there’s also a lot of risk relying on your eyes only, or that of a friend who might not want to hurt your feelings, or is just not editing your MS with the “eyes of an editor.”


A professional editor will read your manuscript and help rid it of typos, grammatical errors, weak plot devices and more. They are not only one of the most valuable investments you can make toward your writing career, they can make the difference between your book getting published and getting thrown in a slush pile. Even if you choose to go the self-publishing route, which many authors are doing today, it is important that your book be well-edited. It could also mean the difference between readers wanting to read more of your work as you churn out your next story – or not!

Mary_editorAs a writer and author, myself, I know how difficult it is for a writer to bare their work – their baby – to a professional editor. I also have learned the value a professional editor brings to my work as they go through my MS and point out what I just could not see – or didn’t want to see. I have seen with my own eyes what a big difference hiring an editor makes.

Whether you are just starting out, or are an accomplished writer, EDITORS ARE IMPORTANT!

I work closely with the editing team here at Cavern of Dreams Publishing. Yes, I own the company. Yes, I am the managing editor. But, I will tell you this: even though I edit for other people, I do not completely edit my own! I turn my manuscripts over to one of my staff in order to have another set of eyes on my work.

So, knowing all this, take a moment and peruse Cavern of Dreams Publishing’s editing services Give us a call, or email us with your questions. (contact info is on the editing services page)

Cavern of Dreams Publishing understands writing, and we understand writers.

We go that extra mile for each writer to ensure their work is the best it can possibly be.


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