You’ve all seen  or read the sayings: “Be careful what you say around a writer.” … “Be careful what you do around a writer.” … “Don’t piss a writer off, or they might kill you off in their next book.” etc., etc.

As a writer, I tend to be observant of people’s actions, looks, speech, etc. when I am in public. The way people eat: if they wipe their nose, chew with their mouth open, speak too loudly at the table… The way someone walks: quickly, slowly, with a shuffle, with a limp… etc.

Why did I say that? To the general public, be careful around me – LOL … to my writer friends, laugh along with me because I know just how much you are like me. A rare breed, we are.

Have a wonderful day, my FB family – have a laugh on me – but be careful, I might not be watching, but one of my writer friends might be – your Writer on the Run having some fun with you!