Fairy Forest

The Irish have always believed in fairies.

As civilization expanded, though, humankind began encroaching on forests where fairies roamed freely, driving them from their homes. The fairies finally took refuge in a vast tract of forest in the heart of Ireland, building their new home beneath the roots of the ancient trees. It is called, Fairy Forest.

Many centuries ago, the fairies went to the humans in the town that had jurisdiction over Fairy Forest and asked for protection of their woodland. A time-honoured pact was established between humans and fairies, stating that no human would set foot inside the forest to destroy any part of it. it would forever be a sanctuary for the fairies. A stone wall was built around Fairy Forest to keep out those tempted to enter, especially those who did not know of the historic agreement. The final paragraph in the document stated the treaty was good for as long as there was even one fairy alive, and for as long as the surrounding towns had at least one human living in them.

So it was written,

and so Fairy Forest remained – untouched – until now!