A Prisoner of Birth

A Prisoner of Birth

by Jeffrey Archer

Five Stars for “A Prisoner of Birth” by Jeffrey Archer; it is a fast-passed story that will keep you glued to your seat, with your eyes furiously scanning the pages right up to the end!

Danny Cartwright became a victim of circumstance and of the greed of four young men from the “upper class” who think they can get away with “murder.” – especially, Spencer Craig, a lawyer climbing the ladder of success.After a verbal altercation with four intoxicated young men in a bar, where Danny proposes to the love of his life, Beth, he is accused of murdering his fiance’s brother – his best friend. But Beth is a witness to what happened, her brother telling her who killed him, with his dying breath. No matter – Danny is tried and convicted. His defense against four up-standing young men just couldn’t compare. He is sent to prison.

Here, I shall say little more, as I do not want to spoil the story for you. Danny is placed in a cell with two men who ultimately become his salvation, and his means to an end – the end being to prove his innocence. Only Beth, and his lawyer, believes in his innocence.

Make a pot of tea, open a bottle of wine – whatever your preference – curl up in a chair and start turning the pages – you will not be disappointed!