Dark Roads by Chevy StevensDark Roads


Chevy Stevens (Goodreads Author)

Mary Cushnie-Mansour‘s review

Jul 22, 2023  ·it was amazing

I picked “Dark Roads” up out of curiosity and because of the subject matter. Too many women and girls have disappeared along the Highway of Tears, and other places as well. Although the author, Chevy Stevens has created a fiction story, sometimes fiction is the best way to get across the tragedy of events that are still torturing our society.

Stevens does a good job of telling this story, creating a fictitious town in the mountains of British Columbia where horrible things occur. A billboard sits on the edge of town with pictures of women and girls who have disappeared. Some bodies have been found; others not.
Hailey, our heroine, has known loss in her life, most recently her beloved father. She is forced to live with her aunt and her husband. The husband, Vaughn, is a cop – one the town’s people have nick-named, Iceman. When Hailey discovers what Vaughn is up to, she flees before he can kill her to protect his secrets. Hailey hides in an old miner’s cabin in the mountains, and her best friend, Jonny, is the only person who knows Hailey is still alive. But Jonny is not safe either because Vaughn has it out for him and is determined to put the young man in jail.
Hailey has a faithful companion, a dog named Wolf. Wolf plays an important part in this story.
Enter our second heroine – Beth. Beth is the sister of Amber who also disappeared; however, thanks to Hailey who happened upon Amber’s mutilated body, Beth got a portion of closure. But not enough. She would not be satisfied until her sister’s killer is revealed.
This book had me hooked from page one. I hope you pick it up and curl up in your chair and read this work of fiction that is so real it will pull at the strings of your heart.