Play Dirty by Sandra Brown Play Dirty – by – Sandra Brown (Goodreads Author)



I gave “Play Dirty” by Sandra Brown five stars because it kept me glued to my couch trying to get it finished. Of course, there were a few things I figured out, but there were also a few things in the book that caught me off-guard.
Brown combines a variety of worlds – sports, wealth, greed, crooked cops, family, etc. and weaves them into what could possibly be a very believable story.
Desperation makes Griff agree to a deal he would never have dreamed of doing. However, no one is hiring an ex-con football star who threw a game for money. Laura, the wife of a millionaire, also agrees to a deal that she would never dream of doing, just to please the man she’s married to because she is ridden with guilt over the accident that put him in a wheelchair.
Add in a crooked cop out to get Griff, no matter what, and an eccentric millionaire with a hidden agenda, and we have a great story combining love, hate, and mystery.
“Play Dirty,” is well worth the read. Enjoy!