Private Paris by James Patterson
Private Paris (Private, #10)

James Patterson (Goodreads Author),
Mark T. Sullivan (Goodreads Author)


Mary Cushnie-Mansour‘s review –it was amazing 


“Private Paris” by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan earned five stars from me. I loved the action and the intrigue as I turned the pages. I especially liked the ending, which was a slight surprise, but I shan’t tell because that will spoil the book for you and I’m not into spoilers.

Jack Morgan, the owner of Private, is in Paris just for a quick visit into the Paris office. While there, Jack gets a call from a client in the States to find the man’s granddaughter. While on a search for the young woman, Jack becomes embroiled in another case involving what appears to be a strike against Islam. Along with his head of the Paris office, Louis, they become entangled in the mess, trying to piece together the pieces and work with a slightly uncooperative police.

“Private Paris” will not disappoint; the pages will flip by and before you know it, you will be at the end of the book. (Here is the only spoiler alert I will give you – we are set up in the last few paragraphs for Jack’s next case)