What About HaileyWhat About Hailey?

by Regina Jetleb

What About Hailey?” is the debut novel of R. Jetleb. It is the heartwarming story of Hailey and her little brother, Dylan, and their journey to find a ‘forever home’ after the tragic loss of their parents.

Jetleb tells the story with simplicity and a full understanding of the way an eleven-year-old girl might think and react to her circumstances. Hailey is frustrated. Life has not dealt her a secure hand. Not only have they lost their parent’s due to a tragic car accident, which threw her and Dylan into the seemingly never-ending cycle of foster homes, but both children have medical challenges to deal with.

The problems do not end there, though. Hailey develops an ‘attitude’ – her little brother, despite his issues, is still cute, and lovable. Hailey is sure, if they were to be fortunate enough to find a ‘forever family,’ the family would only want Dylan. Who would want an eleven-year-old with a short fuse – a gigantic attitude?

“What About Hailey?” is a must read, geared to ages eight to fourteen; however, it is a story that any age can embrace and enjoy. I did, and I am well past the target audience!

Available at Cavern of Dreams Publishing in trade-back and eBook formats. Also available on Amazon.