Four Stars for Patterson’s “The 18th Abduction”

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The 18th Abduction by James Patterson

The 18th Abduction by James Patterson (Goodreads Author), and Maxine Paetro



I will give “The 18th Abduction” by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro 4 stars because it kept me intrigued enough to continue reading to find out how they finally nailed the perpetrator. Every criminal will slip eventually, and the heroin in the story, Lindsay Boxer, and her husband Joe, who are working the same case unbeknownst to each other, are waiting for that slip-up!
I have only sporadically read Patterson’s books in the Women’s Murder Club Series, so in many ways it does not bother me if there is succession. I like stories that fall into place – stand alone – no matter where they are in the series, if they are meant to be stand-alones.
“The 18th Abduction” will not disappoint if you are in for a comfortable read, so pour a cup of your favourite beverage, curl up in a comfy spot, and begin turning the pages.
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