The Almost Widow: A Novel

The Almost Widow by Gail Anderson-Dargatz
The Almost Widow: A Novel

Gail Anderson-Dargatz (Goodreads Author)

Mary Cushnie-Mansour‘s review

Jun 25, 2023
I picked up “The Almost Widow,” out of curiosity, not having read this author before. The fact that the setting was in Canada (our beautiful BC mountain area) was a bonus. Was I disappointed? Not in the least.
This story is a story of love’s connection so strong that it will pull at your heartstrings. It is also a story of survival in so many worlds – the past and present. Piper, the main character, has a secret past that dictates her present and causes her to react to individuals who display a similarity to those dark secrets. Sometimes, her reactions are justified – sometimes not.
However, Piper’s love for her husband, who becomes lost somewhere in the wilderness, gives her the strength to believe he is not dead as others believe him to be after an exhaustive search.
Of course, just by the title, “The Almost Widow,” the reader is expecting a happy ending – happy it is, but also with some unexpected twists.
I am definitely not dissatisfied with reading this author’s book, and may even pick up another one by her in the future.