Happiness is a “No Alarm Sunday!”

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Happiness is a “No Alarm Sunday!”

Good morning, everyone – Happiness is not having to wake up to my inner alarm, not having to get out of bed when my inner alarm first nudges me awake. It is a late fall morning, for according to the calendar it is not yet winter, and there is a light snow falling making it more like a soft winter day. I have yet to step outside my door; it is a lazy morning for me – a lazy, Sunday morning.

Yesterday saw the last of my book events for the year. Happiness is a breath of relief as I pull into my garage and turn off the car, looking back at the containers of books I will have to eventually unload – this time to the basement where I will now be able to take a year-end inventory.

“I’ll get to the rest of you tomorrow,” I whispered to myself, as I grabbed the container with the cash box.

This year has been a great experiment in marketing books as I attended several events on behalf of Cavern of Dreams Publishing. I would like to extend a thank you to the other authors who came out and assisted at these events. Besides the COD events, I also did several of my own at bookstores. Needless to say, I am in need of a bit of a rest – a rest where I can hit the keys on my computer and focus on actual writing.

So, there you have it – writing – a beautiful word to me – a word that is so tied to my soul, my very reason for breathing! I shall begin again to compose what my fans so badly want.

To all my fans out there – whether you have picked up copies of my poetry, short stories, youth novel, children’s books, or the Night’s Vampire Series,” I will not disappoint you. 2017 will be a prolific year for me, so get prepared for some great reading, and hopefully a big party to celebrate the vampire series! Thank you for your continued support of my dream!

So, here I sit on a quiet Sunday morning, just popping in to say hi, and thank you – not having to have set the alarm today – my inner alarm, because I actually never set a real one! Have a wonderful day – your Writer on the Run.




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