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redneckicehockeyAllow me to clear something up before I vent about a hockey game I watched tonight. First, I am not a hockey mom. Second, I do not watch hockey on television unless the Maple Leafs are playing in the Stanley Cup – and we know how often that happens – or unless our Canadian team is playing in the Olympics. So, now that I have clarified that, on with my vent…

Tonight, I attended a Brantford 99er’s game. My friend has billeted three, four, sometimes five young hockey players over this past winter, and to support these young players, I extended myself to attend some of their games with my friend. There have been some games where I wondered what team the ref’s were playing for, however, tonight’s game really took the biscuit! I have no idea what game these refs were blowing the whistle on – oh, wait – they didn’t blow the whistle when it should have been – in my opinion, anyway. There was one player in particular from the opposing team, and oh was he out to start a fight – mouthing off and shoving our team right and left – totally out of control, and not being called for anything! The second period of this game got totally out of control! Brantford 99ers actually scored two goals – both disallowed because the net was knocked – by the opposing team’s goalie!

Anyway, I’m not going to detail every little issue here. It is just so sad to see a team go out there and play their hearts out and have to play, not only the opposing team, but the refs, as well. I never encouraged my children to play hockey, and I hope my grandchildren don’t ever play. There is no sportsmanship or skill in a game when the goal of so many is to annihilate the other team with cheap shots. Hopefully, one day this kind of behaviour will be eliminated and I might actually be able to enjoy a game or two of skilled hockey, not a free for all in a Roman Arena!

Your Writer on the Run having a moment – take care all: watch for flying pucks – and fists!

Oh, P.S. Tell me how you feel about this – maybe I’ve got it all wrong!


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