Welcome to my interview with Donna K. Fitch, Author of

Second Death,” “The Source of Lightning,” and “The Color of Darkness and Other Stories.”

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Donna K. Fitch, MLS, MCert*, is the independent author of Second Death, The Source of Lightning, and The Color of Darkness and Other Stories, and a member of the Alexandria Publishing Group, aimed at raising the level of professionalism among indie authors. She is the founder and CEO of Maximum Author Impact, creating beautiful WordPress websites, training webinars and other resources for indie authors.

In Donna’s day job, she is the digital communication specialist in the office of marketing and communication at Samford University.

*Master of Library Science, Master’s Certificate in Web Design and Development

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1. How did you get started writing?

2. How did you get the idea for your first book, Second Death?

3. Describe the plot and main characters of Second Death.

4. What was your writing process for Second Death? Do you still write that way?

5. You describe your second novel, The Source of Lightning, as “steampulp.” How is that different from steampunk?

6. The Source of Lightning is set in 1897 – did you do much research for this book?

7. Besides Second Death and The Source of Lightning, you have a collection called The Color of Darkness and Other Stories – tell us about these, especially the title novella.

8. Your books have been self-published – why did you decide to do that, and are you happy with your decision?

9. What are you currently working on?

10. Where can readers find your books?