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Dragon Disarray

Written by Canadian author, Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Artwork by Canadian Artist, Jennifer Bettio

Will Charlie be able to convince Dragon Disarray

that what he is doing is wrong?

Will the town’s people who Disarray has hurt

ever be able to forgive him?

Will Disarray realize he is worthy of love, too?

You cannot conquer a dragon

by becoming one yourself.

Dragons need to feel loved, too!

This story is dedicated to all the dragons

who learn the value of friendship

Dragon Disarray

is available on my website Writer on the Run

or on Amazon

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Showing 12 comments
  • June Armstrong

    My favorite dinosaur is the bird Teradctyl
    I love it because it’s a cool word to day and it fliez

  • Stephanie Farrow

    Duffy the dragon which is the school mascot at my daughter’s school

  • Rebecca

    My favorite dragon is Duncan the story dragon who loves to reads books but can never finish them because his imagination catches fire and so do the books.This is a book by Amanda Driscoll. I love this dragon because he loves to read and my son loves this book too. A reading dragon is why we love this dragon 🙂

  • Dorothy Collis

    Puff the Magic Dragon because it’s the first Dragon I can remember as a kid!

  • Eleanor Bahry

    Puff The Magic Dragon because I can sing part of the song. lol

  • Lisa Spencer

    The Luck Dragon in Never Ending Story. My daughter loved that movie so much when she was younger. Anytime my girl watched it she would have to bring out a giant stuffed dog to sit on and pretend it was the (dog like) dragon she was flying She’d watch most of the movie like that, good memories.

    • Laura Hudson

      My childhood favorite would have to be Puff the Magic Dragon. But as a mom, I love reading the Paper Bag Princess to my kids and have so much fun doing the voices, especially for the Dragon in the story!! Such a classic Munsch book and definetly tops the fav dragon list!

  • Tracy Bucholtz

    Elliott in Pete’s Dragon is my favourite with Puff the magic dragon placing 2nd. …that is until i read Mary Mansours latest dragon book.

  • Ron Pomeroy

    I have to say PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON because it brings me back to my teenager years haha

  • Sue Webb

    Puff the Magic Dragon, because it reminds me of when I was young 🙂

  • Dale

    Puff the Magic Dragon

    Dale Renout

  • Mary-Leah Albano

    My favourite dragon is the dragon in Paper Bag Princess. I am fond of Robert Munsch’s works and we have a Robert Munsch ABC book we read to my son before going to bed. At 2 he has learned that D stands for “Dragon” and this just adds to the fondness. Thank you for having this contest!!!

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