By: Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour (dedicated to PN)

For all those who dance like no one is watching, and for those who wish they could!


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He saunters across the parking lot

waving to his friends,

a genuine smile on his face

and in his eyes.

Greetings all around –

old friends

and new.

He orders his drink,

then lounges on the settee,

his legs caressing the length of the cushions.

His eyes close as he takes in the musicl notes

and words of the singer.

His feet and legs and head begin to sway

with the songs’ rhythmic melodies.

I can tell he is twitching with excitement…


came his moment…

He stood,

and his dance began –



not worried about the observers’ take on his joy.

I sat there…

watching – smiling – wishing…

wishing I could be so carefree,

that I could dance like no one was watching.


all I could do

was join him in my mind.