Patience Leads to Acceptance…

How many times in our lives have we been impatient about something, have we had no patience for those around us, no patience for the way our life is turning out? I am guilty as charged.

As a child … as a teen … as a young adult … I impatiently yearned for the moment when I would be able to write full time. Writing was my dream. It was also my salvation from the world I was immersed in. How many days my pen saved me, I have no idea! I would weep inwardly when people would say that my time would come, and sometimes I would lash out at those same people, telling them I was sick of hearing that!

So I scribbled words upon pages, periodically, hiding most of my work away – waiting for my time to come. School … work … marriage … children … family business … etc….

Then, slowly, I began to crawl from under the rock where I had hidden. It happened when I reached a moment of acceptance that it was not yet time for me to become the famous author I had always dreamed of being. I began to put my dream on the front burner, and the heat was turned up. I returned to school, to university, and the artistic flicker within me began to smolder, until it grew into a flame. Of course, the flame faltered at times due to life, but I was beginning to learn that not everything happens exactly when we want it to. And I began to move forward with my dream.

Words were scribbled upon pages. Pages became novels. Novels became books. Books became recognition. I was being recognized as the one who wrote “those novels,” the one who encouraged others to write, to have patience for their dream, whatever it might be.

Today I still struggle sometimes with a calm acceptance of how things are – it is in my nature to be driven by my passion. But, I am fortunate to have many wonderful people around me – family and friends – who are willing to walk my journey with me, reminding me that sometimes there is more to life than just my dream because life is so much more, isn’t it?

Dreams are layered… Had it not been for the life I have led, leading up to the fulfillment of my dream, the words I scribe upon my pages would not be so heartfelt. My children’s stories come from my love for my children … my poetry comes from my life and the lives of others around me … my short stories come from the people I have met, from my family tales … my novels come from an inner passion that has waited to be unleashed, and from my desire to entertain others with a great story…

Yes, patience is a virtue that leads to the acceptance of the way – the path – that was meant to be traveled.

Have a wonderful day, dear FB friends, and I thank you all for your patience with the long period of time I let pass by since my last post – your Writer on the Run is back.