Devastations of Mankind

by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Published 1999

Mary will take you through the worlds of war, poverty, and grief. Her main focus is on the victims of war, and the injustices done to ordinary men and women who are forgotten, deluded, and sometimes destroyed by the demonic reality of our world. She wraps her arms around the many people in our society who have been dropped along the wayside, left to defend themselves in a selfish world––forgotten by loved ones––some by neglect, some by choice. Mary ends this collection with poems written in loving memory of some very special people who have been part of her own life, or part of friend’s lives, but who have moved on to the next playing field.

Snippets from “Devastations of Mankind”

Million Tears

my heart has been rent asunder
and I cry
a million tears
but they fall upon a parched soil.

some day
I hope the land will
overflow with tears
some day
I hope the land will
be quenched with tears
some day
I dream
she dreams
he dreams…

Alone I Am

What happens to those young men who fight the wars––who go into strange countries and kill on command––who come home to the nightmares of what they have done…
This poem is dedicated to such ones as those, and was inspired by the movie, “Born on the Fourth of July.”

I am my mother’s son
I went to war
Because she said I was fighting
For God and my Country

I am my Country’s son
I went to war
Because they said I was fighting
For my Country and God

I am a dutiful son
I went to war
Because I believed they were right

I am no one’s son…

Cavern of Dreams

They sadden my heart as I behold
What has become of them…
The old man with his chin resting on his chest…
The old woman with her head sleeping on her shoulder…
I wish I could enter the caverns of their minds
And brush away the cobwebs of time––
What would I find?

The Old Boat

I sit here alone
Upon a coffin high.
Loneliness is my only friend,
Yet she will not light the match
To end my empty days.

No Good Time to Say Goodbye

When a loved one falls ill, and their “looks” change, sometimes we have mixed feelings about how to face them…how we can bring ourselves to “say goodbye.”

There is no good time to say goodbye,
For I don’t want her to see me cry.
I cannot look at my friend today,
For I know she soon will go away.

I know now, there is no good time to say goodbye,
And it doesn’t matter any more if you see me cry.
I’m glad I have looked upon you today;
For I know tomorrow you’ll be gone away.

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