by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Published 2009

Mary will take you on a nice journey through childhood memories: such as swinging on a tire swing and picking dandelions. She will allow you a glimpse of special people in her life, and take you on walks along Nature’s trails. These poems are filled with imageries of our world and will bring back many memories of your ow

Snippets from “Memories”

My Mother’s Illness

my mother’s illness
before me stands a woman
who has witnessed countless years
yet if you were to set eyes upon her
you would not distinguish how many

my mother will celebrate another birthday soon––
I shall savour each one she bestows to me
love you mom––
yesterday, today, and forever…

Serpentine Accordion

Serpentine accordion
detonating notes through the air
squeezing life from the man
whose fingers caress the keys
giving hope to the souls
who listen and watch
with bated breaths

Grandma “S”

Faint memories tug at heartstrings
Conjuring up long ago moments

And then she was gone
I was but ten
I had no tears
Only warm memories

Friend of my Heart

Gentle breezes
take a letter for me––
deliver it to a far off place,
set it at the feet of the
Friend of my heart…

A Taste of Haiku

into day creeps summer
into night, winter

river of dust
woods bleeding

spring petals
summer beauty

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