NIGHT’S GIFT is a page-turning twist on the classic vampire novel. Virginia’s plight is modern and fresh, while the count and his cast of characters are enduringly timeless … Kim Makarchuk

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour blends the real and the arcane seamlessly, taking an ageless fantasy and bringing it alive, quite literally in what could be your own backyard. Beautifully written, a must-read for any vampire lover … Bethany Jamieson

Absolutely stunning and intense, Night’s Gift is the first in what promises to be a very gripping series … Mariette Havens

I enjoyed the historical aspects to this Gothic romance … Brenda Ann Wright

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour is an excellent storyteller who weaves a wonderfully suspenseful tale, one I found difficult to put down. Her eloquent description and plot design bring her characters alive and make us care what happens to them as the story unfolds. A great read … Judi Klink

NIGHT’S GIFT brought the myth closer to reality. It is an excellent display of human emotions. The humanizing of evil is interesting and leaves one pondering. Virginia is the ultimate normality … Jerusa Hunter

NIGHT’S GIFT tells a good tale and tells it well. I particularly liked the humanness of the characters – their strengths and weaknesses. They were believable, even though they existed in a parallel world – real and occult … George Hatton

Night’s Gift

by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Hard Cover Edition

Virginia has never had it easy. After her life is torn apart, she moves to a small town with the hope of starting over. She settles in and starts learning to enjoy a slower pace of life. Then, one evening she decides to take a walk to check out a mysterious mansion at the end of her block. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but because of it Virginia is about to make a terrifying discovery.

As she peers through the mansion’s window, she sees a massive black-robed figure with grotesque fangs. Horrified, Virginia attempts to flee — but finds herself stopped in her tracks and plunged into darkness. After she awakens inside the house, Virginia comes face-to-face with its secrets — Teresa, the beautiful woman at her bedside; Max, the seemingly sinister old man; and Count Basarab Musat, a Transylvanian vampire who manipulates and controls everything — and everyone — around him.

Soon Virginia realizes she is a prisoner, and what the Count has planned for her throws her into a battle for her survival. Unsure whether she will ever be free from this new and dangerous world, Virginia becomes a desperate woman who will stop at nothing to return to the life she once knew.

Limited editions of hardcovers available only through the author

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