By leaps and bounds, Cushnie-Mansour has woven complexity into the original story. This will continue to engage the classic vampirists, as well as the new wave enthusiasts. Way to bring in more historical aspects and spice things up! (Wonderful to have our local flavour and locales.) … Brenda Ann Wright, Writer

Cushnie-Mansour masters the romance-horror genre. Horrific … passionate … Night’s Return confronts your imagination with a mind spinning plot and a cast of mesmerizing characters. A necessary read if vampires intrigue you. … Joan Jenkins

Night’s Return’s creativity reaches compelling heights and grips the imagination. Will Virginia escape the fangs of the dark world of vampires and rogues? An electrifying journey through the twilight zone. … Ella Pankatz, Author/Freelance Editor

Mary is a consummate storyteller. She has created a tale of the Dracul family with the Night’s Vampire Trilogy and has brought to life some of our darkest nightmares. At the same time, she has integrated a love story, and a story of strong family bonds that bind the series together. … Eleanor Bahry

Having waited for months for the new book, Night’s Return, I was thrilled to get my hands on it. This skillfully written novel contains history, mystery, intrigue, and romance in a neat package that is not just entertaining but challenges your mind and imagination. What a story––what a movie it would make. Night’s Return is a delight to read. One can only hope, from a writer of this talent, there will be many more books to come. … Tracy Bucholtz, Accountant

Night’s Return is the conclusion of an incredible vampire trilogy, one I could very well picture being transferred to the big screen. It takes something pretty tempting for me to put down my camera and read––Night’s Return succeeded in doing just that! I couldn’t put it down until I finished the final page. … Heather Cardle, Professional Photographer

Night’s Return is an excellent read, full of suspense and drama as Virginia is once again thrown into the dark world of vampires. Cushnie-Mansour does a superb job of bringing her trilogy to a thrilling close! … Judi Klinck

Night’s Return

by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Book Three in the Night’s Vampire Trilogy

Night’s Retur­­n is the riveting conclusion of the Night’s Vampire Trilogy… With nowhere left to run, Virginia is praying for a saviour; however, the only one strong enough to save her and her children may be the very vampire she has been hiding from since she fled The House.

The Count Basarab Musat has returned to Brantford from Brasov where he was fighting against the dark forces trying to usurp his throne. Basarab has learned these forces are being led by Radu, Dracula’s estranged brother, and that Radu is after his children, Santan and Samara. He is desperate to reach them first because if Radu was to get hold of the children, all would be lost, including humanity.

Virginia finds herself back in The House where her nightmare began. She and Basarab become embroiled in their previous game playing; however, this time they aren’t the only players. Forces from all sides are fighting to keep them apart––Teresa, Basarab’s wife; Ildiko, his cousin; and Randy, the young man who is hopelessly in love with Virginia. Will love for their children, and possibly each other, be enough to bring Basarab and Virginia together at last?

Also available in Ebook format

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