“Night’s Temptress” is a page turner. Get ready for some late night reading. You won’t be able to put it down. This book has it all: deceit, murder, sex, love, hate, manipulation, terror, and mystery. It is a thrilling ride that is addictive and will leave you searching for your next fix. … Tracy Bucholtz

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour takes you on a wild roller coaster ride with many exciting and unexpected twists and turns, leaving you with baited breath in the final epilogue. She leaves you wanting more––a truly amazing read! … Mary Sass

“Night’s Temptress” is descriptive, but not for the faint of heart. The twists, the turns––the opening endings––all there for more stories to come. Love it! Love it! The references back to the previous history in the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy” makes me want to reread them. Thank you, Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour, for the love of the characters, and for sharing their stories with us, your eaders. I’m so happy their stories are not over… “Night’s Temptress” is a new beginning, I do believe. … June Armstrong-Cainey

Every time I open one of Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour’s books, I see something truly special. There are few authors I have read that seem to have that innate talent for folding a story together like that of a master chef plying their craft. Reading “Night’s Temptress” was an exhilarating experience! Life is full of real emotions and I found myself comparing the characters in this book with my own life. Samara is very much a “daddy’s girl.” Santan is wise and mature, yet defies his father’s wishes. The dynamics within Basarab and Randy’s families are interesting. Randy, although devoted to his human family, still holds lingering feelings for the life he might have had with Virginia, if it were not for Basarab. Thank you for the opportunity to once more delve into your fantastic mind and watch as a fairy tale of darkness and beauty unfolded on the pages! … Jen Sywyk

Wow! Once I started I just could not stop until the last page. When I finished the original trilogy I wanted more, and I was not disappointed by “Night’s Temptress.” Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour has created another thrilling page turner, with something for everyone. Many twists and turns, with passion and intrigue galore. When I read the last sentence, my first thought was ‘how long until the next instalment?’ I really, really want to know what happens next! Mary, you have given us another winner! … Jeri-Ann Abbott

I have very much enjoyed reading “Night’s Temptress.” I found it an excellent story with plenty of twists to it, and I hope Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour will keep writing as I’ve found her books to be good reading. … Linda Tipler

“Night’s Temptress” was as addicting as the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy,” I couldn’t put it down. The story line is amazing and draws you in. So many incredible twists in the story––I love it! Great job on the book, Mary M. Cusnie-Mansour, keep up the amazing work. … Susie Dyck

“Night’s Temptress” is a wonderful story about the complications of a vampire family. The story encompasses the difficulties of Basarab and Virginia’s children, growing up and not wanting to follow the path that has been chosen for them. Follow the journey of Santan and Samara and see how this beautiful tale unfolds. … Trisha Haines

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour weaves a web with her characters that will draw you into this spin-off of the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy.” The vampire princess, Samara, proves she is a force to be reckoned with. Love her or hate her––her power, charm, and bloodthirsty drive will get this character under your skin. … Heather Carlson

Having finished reading “Night’s Temptress,” I can’t wait to read the next part. The language is lucid and flowing, and gives the reader ample room for imagination. The story has its own identity and can be read in itself, without being overshadowed by the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy.” Every character, their strengths and vulnerabilities, can be identified within our day to day lives, and this is what makes this story so alive and interesting. The description of the Scottish landscape further adds to the mystery. The best is the conclusion, which leaves the reader gasping for more––will Ákos survive to identify the one who tried to kill him? Wow! I yearn for more. “Night’s Temptress” was a great read, and it propels me further to read your other books. Please finish the story line, so your readers can reach a conclusion. (p.s. I would like to invite you to India, where you will find riots of material and plot for your work.) … Sunanda Ray

There will be vast appeal to readers who love Gothic subculture. There is infusion of enough Vampiric scenes to wholly satisfy. I loved that the author harkened back to the first three volumes, the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy,” and honed in on her original voice, continuing Count Basarab Musat’s family saga. It was a pleasure to read “Night’s Temptress.” … Brenda Wright

Night’s Temptress

by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Count Basarab Musat, his new wife Virginia, and their children, Santan and Samara, escaped the tyranny of Radu and his rogues. With danger––and Brantford––behind them, the royal vampire family have been living peacefully in Transylvania––until now.

Seventeen years have passed. Santan is a mature, wise young man, taking after his grandfather, Attila; Samara, daddy’s little girl, is a fiery temptress to be reckoned with!

The children are now of age to take the final ceremony, forever binding them into the dark vampire world. With the full transformation of his children, Basarab is almost ready to pass the crown to his son. Santan knows it’s his destiny; however, he’s hesitant, for he holds a secret in his heart that calls him away from the vampire throne. Samara, on the other hand, is determined to do whatever it takes to be the vampire ruler.

Night’s Temptress continues the story of Count Basarab Musat’s family, twisting, keeping you breathless and guessing––until a climactic ending, leaving you wanting more!

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