by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Published 2009

Mary’s collection of “Shattered” poetry will not be kind to your conscious. She tells it like it is, from poems penned for paintings she has been privy to, to poems penned from life’s paintings upon society’s walls of pain and injustice. Mary’s honesty will shock and astound you, but it will also have you thinking about the realty of the more shadowy areas of our world.

Snippets from “Shattered”

Lady of the Blue Forest

walks in forest frozen
for sunlit paths
for warmth

Spiders Web

spiders spin their silken webs
around my world
I am cocooned in
a veil of innocence
that has crept silently over
my life

No Gain

No gain
Without the pain
Derived from
Life’s lessons––
I swathe my shame
But the shawl only covers the
Visible scars––
I have no plaster for
The mirrors to my
Tortured soul

Sons of Time

Yesterday’s sons lie in wait
Reaching skeletal fingers
Sombrely warning
Today’s sons
Of the un-glory of war

Money and Religion

The child observes the steeple, with wide eyes
Hunger gnaws at his stomach
Poverty tears at his clothing
The great wooden doors are bound with iron
The latch is beyond his reach

The Room

It draws me down the dark, narrow hallway.

There is no escape.

I am frozen in time.

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