The Official Tickler

Just Imagine
Children’s Stories

Princess Alexandra needs to find someone to tickle her,
or she shall never be able to fall asleep.

Will she find such a person within the castle walls?

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
Cover art and Illustrations by Jennifer Bettio

Whatever was Princess Alexandra going to do? Mother was away on important, royal business, and for the first time in Alexandra’s short life, she would have no one to tickle her to sleep.

Well, she thought, I shall just have to go in search of an Official Tickler…

Princess Alexandra went down, down, down to the bottom floor of the massive castle, where she knew she would find the royal cook.

Alexandra reminded herself that she was the royal princess and that everyone in the castle was there to do her bidding.


Suddenly, Princess Alexandra had a bright idea and headed for the front parlour where she knew she would find the royal butler, Albert.

“Tickle you? What nonsense, child.” Albert’s eyebrows kissed in the middle of his brow.

“Be gone with you. I must attend to the matters of the king!”

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