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The “Detective Toby Mysteries”

This series will keep you in your chair reading up to the last page!

The “Detective Toby Mysteries” are gripping and fast-paced, filled with suspense, detail, and drama. Masterfully written. Toby, the cat, is quite an insightful detective. I look forward to seeing where Toby leads us in the future. – Barb

Cushnie-Mansour definitely keeps the reader’s attention enough to keep reading, while internally trying to guess which direction the characters will take us. Numerous surprising twists and turns definitely leave a reader wanting more. The “Detective Toby Mysteries” are a quick read that flow at a good pace and keep the reader turning pages to see what will happen next! – Janna Maranda

Readers from around the world fall in love with “Toby.”

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

Toby, the big orange cat detective, stumbles across mystery after mystery that needs his skills to solve. Mary’s creative imagination keeps us on our toes while Toby works tirelessly to solve the mysteries and save lives, all the while being a cat whose actions must speak the words he is unable to whisper in the ears of those around him. Mary continuously captures our attention with her great characters and creative story telling. Great reads!

C. M. Durling,

Suspenseful Page Turners!

The suspense and action are high, and the endings are perfect. Highly recommend if you’re looking for mystery page-turners you can’t put down!

Amazon Customer,

A True Masterpiece, Bravo!

The “Night’s Vampire Series” takes you deep into the vampire world, dark with power, greed, revenge, but also love. A rich tale filled with mounting suspense!

Judi Klinck,

A Unique View On The Vampire World

The “Night’s Vampire Series” captures the excitement of both human and vampire worlds, integrating them into this powerful, fast-moving tale. The characters literally walk off the page and into your life!

George Hatton, Retired teacher

Praise for the “Night’s Vampire Series”

This series will change your perspective about vampires!

Cushnie-Mansour masters the romance-horror genre. Horrific … passionate … this series confronts your imagination with a mind-spinning plot and a cast of mesmerizing characters. A necessary read if vampires intrigue you. – Joan Jenkins

The “Night’s Vampire Series” are page-turners. Get ready for some late night reading. You won’t be able to put them down! These books have it all: deceit, murder, sex, love, hate, manipulation, terror, mystery, and so much more! They are a thrilling ride that is addictive and will leave you searching for your next fix. – Tracy Bucholtz

Vampire readers!