New Neighbours.  A Kidnapping.
Who will Save the Day?

Six-year-old Alora has just been kidnapped but instead of the FBI searching for her, her only hope lies in the hands, er paws, of everyone’s favourite feline sleuth, Detective Toby; a feline with a nose for solving mysteries.

Detective Toby, our favourite feline sleuth, is upset at who and what he sees moving in next door. A kid is bad enough – but a dog, too! However, Toby soon learns that something tragic seems to have happened in the lives of the new neighbours.

When the little girl, Alora, is kidnapped, Toby is back on the job. However, this time, Toby must employ the assistance of the dog to find Alora and save her from a horrific fate.

Saving Alora is an easy first read for anyone who is looking to sink into a great cozy mystery novel.  For fans of the Detective Toby series, you will not be able to put the book down.

Complete with the usual feline touches of humour that Toby brings to all his cases, you won’t be able to put the book down as Toby races against time to save Alora!