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Charlie has a great imagination! However, his grandmother does not. Can he convince her that elves are real, or will this be his forever secret?

Charlie a une grande imagination! Cependant, sa grand-mère n’a pas une grande imagination. Peut-il la convaincre que les lutins sont vrais ou bien est-ce que ceci sera son secret éternel?

Charlie and The Elves is told in English and French and has some amazing pictures for the children to colour. At the end of the story are questions and key words, and an area for children to write their own story.

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Illustrated by Kate Pellerin

Cover layout by Terry Davis

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Once upon a time, in a small town in Southern Ireland, there lived a little boy named Charlie. Now, everyone in town knew of Charlie’s great imagination, but none quite so much as his grandmother, who lived with him.

Every day, Charlie would trip down off to the nearby woods and, upon reaching the heart of the massive redwoods, he would begin to sing his song:

“Come out, come out, come out to play,

For the sun, it shines so bright today.”

And out from behind the massive trunks, and the huge rocks, and the tiny shrubs, would the little elves come.


Il était une fois un petit village en Irlande du Sud, où vivait un petit garçon nommé Charlie. Tout le monde au village savait que Charlie avait une grande imagination, mais aucune autre personne ne le savait autant que sa grand-mère qui vivait avec lui.

Chaque jour, Charlie se rendait aux bois avoisinants et dès qu’il atteignait le coeur profond des bois de séquoias, il commençait à chanter sa chanson:

« Sortez, sortez, sortez tous pour jouer,

le soleil brille tellement fort aujourd’hui. »

Et de derrière les troncs massifs, des rochers immenses et des arbustes minuscules sortaient de petits lutins.

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