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Mary’s short stories are a fictional smorgasbord, with a twist of real life in them.

From something as simple as a child’s shoe on the road, which produced the story of “Rodney,”

to a joke between Mary and her husband about the necessity of having a cat, which produced the story “Oh, Henry,”

to some of her parent’s misadventures, which produced stories like: “The Graveyard” and “Remember When,”

to a more serious side of Mary as she wrote such stories as “Sahar” for Remembrance Day.

Mary’s stories have warmth and humour to them that will make you want to keep returning for more.

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover art by Natasja Hellenthal

Cover layout by Terry Davis

Edited by Bethany Jameison

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Message from Mary:

Many of these stories appeared in my newspaper column in the Brantford Expositor from 2006 to 2009. I was overwhelmed with the reception my stories received from the readers, and appreciated all the magnificent comments that were sent my way. After my column was cancelled, I published the first version of “From the Heart,” and it was so successful, I decided to publish a second edition. Many of the original stories are here, plus some new ones. Of course, the book has travelled far beyond the borders of my home town now!

I would like to thank everyone who inspired my stories by telling me snippets of their life, which I took and created a new tale based upon some truth and some fiction. Other stories are gleaned from my observations of life around me. “From the Heart” are narratives from my heart to yours. Some will make you laugh; some will make you cry; some will make you wonder about the mystery of life. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour, your “Writer on the Run”

A peek at some of the titles in “From the Heart”…

OH, HENRY … Edna returns to the old homestead to ensure that Henry is where she left him – he should never have made her get rid of her cats!

PRECIOUS BOXES … When Caroline moves into her new home, she finds some treasure boxes in the basement, left there by the previous owner for her children. Notes, explaining what was in each box, were taped to the wall. Caroline hoped she would be able to give the treasures to their rightful owners.

THE LETTER … The story of an aunt’s letter to her great-niece, before her wedding, telling her what the real meaning of love is.

FACELESS … a story dedicated to all the “Pretty Women” who have not yet met their “Prince Charming.”

IN FROM THE COLD … The story of Frederick, who lived on the streets, and how he saved a young girl’s life with his kindness.

WILLOW HOUSE … a love story that spans generations.

THE FIRST DATE … Orville and Muriel are celebrating their 40th anniversary and decide to return to the place where they had their first date!

YEGOR’S GIFT … a story about the impact an old Russian farm worker had on a young girl, and the gift he left her before he died. Set in the late 1930s in the Niagara fruit belt.

RETURN TO THE SEA … Muirin had always wondered why her fingers and toes had tiny webs between them. She is about to find out as she visits her great-grandmother in Ireland and learns the history of her ancestors.

GRANDPA’S STORY … a story related to a grandchild, who on the anniversary of her grandfather’s passing, goes to their favourite place and listens again to the tape.

IN REMEMBRANCE OF … snippets from the heart of a World War I veteran as he tells a young man what it was like to be in a war.

BLIND JUSTICE … will a jury convict a blind girl of the horrid crime? After all, she is a cop who might just have been seeking revenge on the individual responsible for the loss of her sight!

FIGURING IT OUT … Peter learns the real meaning of being thankful for what he has in his life when his mother plans a special Thanksgiving dinner and invites a number of her friends, all of whom are strangers to Peter.

FRESH BREAD … the story of the impact a local baker had on a young boy from a poor family.

MOM WILL NEVER KNOW … a light-hearted story of a young girl who thought she could fool her mom. However, the sun is very unforgiving to a red-head with freckles when their skin is exposed, and there was no way to hide the fact she took off her hat and rolled up her sleeves!

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Customers Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for From the Heart

  1. Keith Ellis

    Mary Cushnie-Mansour’s way with words, her sensitivity to the subject and characters, is what makes her a good writer. – Keith Ellis, Simcoe, ON

  2. Richard Beales

    A collection of short stories with snippets of life, introducing you to characters that will take you inside their hearts and souls to help you learn a little something about yourself. – Richard Beales (former editor/Brantford Expositor)

  3. Geke Nolden, Educator

    Mary Cushnie-Mansour’s writing is beautifully and imaginatively written. She is very talented, and I look forward to reading more of her work… – Geke Nolden, Educator

  4. Joan Jenkins

    Mary Cushnie-Mansour shows good timing in her writing. She builds up the story with suspense and anticipation. Mary allows her characters to develop within their own realm as separate and real people that we can all relate to. – Joan Jenkins, Business owner

  5. George Hatton

    Mary Cushnie-Mansour writes with a comfortable, human touch that makes her work warm and enjoyable. – George Hatton, Retired English teacher

  6. Judi klinck

    Mary Cushnie-Mansour writes engaging, colourful stories with carefully constructed characters that entertain and inspire. Her creative storytelling, along with her descriptive, flowing style, serve to make her writing a joy to read. – Judi Klinck, Health Services Provider

  7. Hydeeann

    Beautiful, touching short stories
    Reviewed in the United States ?? on March 31, 2021
    Verified Purchase
    Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour writes beautiful, touching short stories with honest emotions. A surprising number of the short stories were written from the point of view of older women and men. This is an uncommon narrative voice and I enjoyed the variety. People of that age don’t often get to be in the spotlight, usually just stories from their youth or life story. However, Cushnie-Mansour shows us that stories are still worth telling in our old age as well. Her characters are people from different backgrounds and living different situations. The audience is drawn into these characters’ lives and can’t help but sympathize with them. … – Hydeeann (Amazon reviewer)

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    From the Heart: A Collection of Short Stories
    by Mary M Cushnie-Mansour
    Amazon Customer reviews/ratings – 4.0 out of 5 stars – 25 global ratings as of January 24, 2023

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    1 star – 16%

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