Night’s Betrayals


Night’s Vampires Series

“Night’s Betrayals” opens a can of worms for the vampire leader, Count Basarab Musat, and it is one that will not be so easily dealt with…Santan, Basarab’s son, after receiving an anonymous letter detailing his father’s deceit, fled to his birthplace, Brantford, to seek out his love, Mia. Samara, the temptress, while grieving the loss of her betrothed, Ákos, seeks solace in the arms of her lover, Lajos, but she is not the only one Lajos is in bed with! Mia, who is in love with Santan, heir to the vampire throne … to what extent will she go to ensure she sits by his side? Ildiko, still stinging from Basarab’s constant rejection of making her his queen, decides to find another route to the throne. Dracula has sat in Basarab’s shadow long enough––after all, he should be the true leader of the vampire world, and it is time. Basarab learns of the deceit and betrayals under his roof. Plus a murder, and Basarab’s promise to bring the culprit to vampire justice. Little does the count know what that is going to mean.

Written By Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Edited by Bethany Jamieson

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  1. to lead astray, to persuade to disobedience or disloyalty
  2. to seduce, to lead astray usually by persuasion or false promises, to carry out physical seduction
  3. treachery, violation of allegiance, act of treason, betrayal of trust

Manya paced in the cave. Her nerves were frizzling with anger, and with fear because she had killed the young man she loved. He had fallen in love with the one known as the Temptress – the daughter of Count Basarab Musat, ruler of the vampires.

Petya, Manya’s brother, stood quietly in the shadows watching his sister. He knew what she had done, however had, as of yet, said nothing to her. As he watched his sister’s guilt eating away at her, he decided it was time to speak up. “Sister, it’s time we talked.”

Manya startled at her brother’s voice. “Petya … how long have you been here?”

“Long enough. The sun has set; shall we take a walk?”

Manya slipped her arm through Petya’s and he led her out of the cave.

Finally, Petya took the plunge. “Why’d you do it, Manya? Akos was our friend. Better to tell me what you’ve done before you approach our father.”

Manya stopped walking. She stared at the ground, avoiding eye contact, then slowly poured out her heart. “I loved him … everyone knew, but him. He was too blind to pick up on my clues. He betrayed my love by becoming besotted with her – Samara, the Temptress. How could I face everyone here when he returned with his royal bride? I would have been the laughing stock…”

“No one would have dared to laugh at you,” Petya replied. “From the rumours, Samara is beautiful indeed, but only on the outside. There’s evil in her; she is putrid with the desire for power. She desires the throne and will stop at nothing to attain it.”

“From where have you heard such rumours?”


“How does he know so much?”

“Through his travels. He gains access to places, gleans information, and reports back to our father. I listen from the shadows.”

“I don’t trust Rasputin,” Manya began. “Something about him isn’t right.”

“He’s a rogue, therefore not rightly one of us. But, he’s a powerful rogue. It’s rumoured that the Black Witch is the one who turned him.”

“The Black Witch? I’ve heard stories of her, but never believed her to be real.”

“I heard Rasputin chanting one morning, calling to the Black Witch: ‘Oh great and powerful one, hear my words … Black Witch – Dark Wolf – of the mountains, of the forests, of the rivers, of the plains … come to me … let me drink from my mother’s blood … let me feel your power course through my veins, giving me the strength I need to do your will … Adrianna Daciana, the Dark Wolf of all that is might in our world … the true ruler of the vampires … and all else…’ At that point, I continued to my room.”


Manya and Petya continued their conversation about Rasputin, unaware that he was lurking in the shadows, listening. He would need to tell his mistress the good news. The Black Witch would be pleased to know she could use Manya’s jealousy toward Samara to her advantage!

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