Night’s Children

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Night’s Vampire Series

“Night’s Children” continues Virginia’s story … she has escaped from ‘The House’ with Santan, her half-human, half-vampire son. As she tries to build a normal life, she is haunted by the knowledge that Count Basarab Musat, Santan’s father, will one day return for his son. In his home country, the count is trying to keep a family disaster at bay. As he fights to keep control, Virginia and his son consume his thoughts, threatening his focus, and in turn, all of humanity. However, Virginia is in trouble. Her final night with the count left her with child. Virginia begins to dream … dreams of love … turning to nightmares. The dreams relay dark forces are after her, and despite the monster Count Basarab is in her dreams, he may be the only one able to save them all!

Written By Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Edited by Bethany Jamieson

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My Dearest Emelia:

I trust this letter finds you in good health; and, by now, Basarab has found it in his heart — if he has one — to forgive you. Santan grows daily. I am worried because he still cannot tolerate the sun. I thought by now he would have adjusted, even just a bit. He sleeps most of the day and wants to play in the night.

An unfortunate incident happened the other day. The young man, Randy, who drives me around, thought to take a peek at Santan, and he pulled across the special cover I had made for the baby’s car seat. The sun seared Santan’s cheeks. I had tried to stress to Randy that Santan had a serious sensitivity to the sun. Well, he believes me now.

Now for the most urgent news I have to burden you with. I am with child again — his child. I guess, in some ways, I should be thankful, for it means Santan will have a brother or sister. However, I cannot help worrying. will this child be the same as its brother, or will it be more like me? Either way, I could be in trouble. Do you have any advice for me? If Santan eventually partakes in his father’s ‘habits,’ how will I be able to protect this new child? How safe will I be?

I’ll wait (eagerly) to hear from you.

Love, Virginia

Customers Reviews

(15 customer reviews)

15 reviews for Night’s Children

  1. Jerusa Hunter

    Night’s Children, the continuation of Virginia’s story, keeps the reader wrapped solidly in the tale. The reality of Virginia’s situation, mixed with the fantasy of the vampire world, keeps the story strong and the reader waiting with baited breath. I can’t wait for Night’s Return … Jerusa Hunter

  2. Judi klinck

    Night’s Children follows Virginia’s story deeper into the vampire world, dark with power, greed, revenge, but also love. a rich tale filled with mounting suspense! … Judi Klinck

  3. Brenda Ann Wright, Author

    In Night’s Children, Virginia and Basarab are separated by an ocean of water, yet, the dreams that inundate their separate worlds keeps their connection alive. I cannot wait for the next book in this series, Night’s Return. – Brenda Ann Write, Author

  4. George Hatton, Retired Teacher

    Night’s Children captures the excitement of both human and vampire worlds, integrating them into this powerful, fast moving tale. The characters literally walk off the page and into your life! – George Hatton, Retired Teacher

  5. Mariette Havens

    Night’s Children combines suspense and romance with a style that continues to be captivating. – Mariettte Havens

  6. Laurie Charlick

    The second book in the Night’s Vampire Series starts out just as spell-binding as the first. The twists and turns keep the reader enthralled. – Laurie Charlick

  7. Stacey Mosely (Goodreads review)

    Cushnie-Mansour’s richly textured characters immediately draw you into their world and hold you captivated in a fantasy of real and genuine human emotions. Captivating and leaving you wanting more! Thankfully, the series will continue. – Stacey

  8. Jennifer Sywyk

    There are many facets to children, which holds true for Santan and Samara. Santan is a beautiful gift to his mother, Virginia, which is evident even at a young age. His vampire blood runs strong, while his human tendancies show how it is possible to be in perfect harmony with one’s self. Samara is headstrong, passionate, and determined to have her own way. Two siblings – a chaotic world awaits them! – Jennifer Sywyk

  9. Bookworm (an Amazon reviewer)

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A thrilling sequel
    Reviewed in the United States ?? on January 9, 2014
    I was lucky enough to purchase both of the first volumes of this trilogy together, so I could continue the adventures of Virginia and Basarab. How thrilling to find out more about Basarab’s background, his family, and the pressures that affected his relationship with Virginia. I finished this book and waited with bated breath for the concluding chapter. Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour weaves a compelling tale of love, fear, family loyalty and divided loyalties. If you like adventure with a dash of danger then this book is definitely for you. – Bookworm (an Amazon reviewer)

  10. Jana (Goodreads review)

    I just absolutely love the story line the author has made about Basarab and Dracula and their family!! If the entire book revolved around them and their history it would be very engrossing. Of course living in Brantford and being able to envision the settings is very cool. Virginia I can live without, it feels like she should be this strong, independent women and instead she comes across as weak and spiritless. Santan is a great character, so caring yet powerful and Samara I can see her as pure evil…but its very hard to imagine these babies advancements before they are even close to 1 year old. I’d like to see more of the children and Basarab. Can’t wait for the next book to see what happens!! – Jana (Goodreads review)

  11. Joan (Goodreads review)

    I’m so glad that when I finished Night’s Gift, I had purchased Night’s Children to continue on reading. As i mentioned in the Night’s Gift, This should be made into a movie and produced right here in Brantford. The Castle is here and there is no need to make props.
    From the moment I finished Night’s Gift, I continued reading into Night’s Children. Once again I was quickened with suspense as to what was going to happen to Virginia’s life? As this new shift unfolded, I was drawn into more wonder as to what was going to happen to Virginia and her children. How is this going to unfold and end? What will happen to Virginia’s life and where will she end up? New characters are introduced. What will Randy’s final role be in Virginia’s life?
    Now since i am finished this book, I thirst for the final trilogy.

    Mary M. Cushine-Mansour has a way of writing with flow where the reader does not want to put the book down. The chapters in the book do not end, as they do in other books, they blend into the next scene / chapter and your are demanded to keep reading. Love these kind of books. Thank you Mary. – Joan (Goodreads review)

  12. Sally Wolf, Author (Goodreads review)

    Virginia is finally free from “The house”. During the day when the Vampires were sleeping she runs away with her son with the help of an unlikely friend. She knows deep down inside, her freedom is fleeting because one day the Count will return for his son and the second seed he planted within her on their last night together. First, however, the Count must return home to deal with his uncle who is trying to overthrow him. Can he stay focused long enough to take care of business or will thoughts of her ruin them all?
    Once again, this book is well worth the read it continues the story seamlessly and brings you closer to the characters than you ever thought possible. This is a great sequel it does not disappoint and leaves you wanting more. – Sally Wolf, Author (Goodreads review)

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