Saving Alora (Detective Toby Mystery Book 4)

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Detective Toby Mysteries

Detective Toby, our favorite feline sleuth, is upset at who and what he sees moving in next door, where his friend, Emma, used to live. A kid is bad enough – but a dog, too!

However, Toby soon learns that something tragic seems to have happened in the lives of the new neighbours. When the little girl, Alora, is kidnapped, Toby is back on the job. However, this time Toby must employ the assistance of the dog to find Alora and save her from a horrific fate.

“Saving Alora” is a Cozy Mystery with the usual feline touches of humour that Toby brings to all his cases as he races against time to save Alora!

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover Art by Jennifer Bettio

Edited by Bethany Jamieson

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Toby’s heart was still bleeding from the loss of his precious Emma. He lay, disconcerted, on the back of the couch, dreaming of better times and wondering who would be moving into Emma’s house. Toby closed his eyes and envisioned the first time he’d laid eyes on Emma. She was so beautiful. So kind and gentle. She’d given him special cat treats and treated him like a king, even setting aside the overgrown mutt that accompanied her around.

Of course, Emma’s brother, Camden, had been another story. Toby had taken an instant dislike to him! From the moment they had crossed paths, Toby knew there was something wrong with the young man, and his cat instincts had proven right. Camden was a serial killer, and poor Emma knew nothing about his escapades––or so everyone had thought at the time. Toby knew better now, after what he’d witnessed Emma doing in her basement a few months ago. She’d gotten away with it, but that’s another story.

Toby opened his eyes as the roar of a large truck engine intruded on his thoughts. Must be the new people moving into Emma’s house. Jack mentioned someone would be moving in soon. Toby still thought of the house as Emma’s.

Toby sat up and gazed out the window as a large moving van came to a stop in front of the house next door. A red Volkswagen pulled into the driveway. Toby squinted, trying to get a closer look at who his new neighbour was going to be. A young woman exited the driver’s side and then opened the back door, leaned inside and assisted a little girl out.

Not impressed! A kid!

But that was just the beginning of Toby’s nightmare. A dog bound out of the car! A large, white, fluffy dog! An excitable dog that jumped and danced around the woman and the child!

Toby turned away from the window as Jack entered the room. “What’s up, old man?” Jack asked. “Oh, I see our new neighbours have arrived. I wonder who they are,” Jack said, peeking out the window.

Toby growled. Not anyone I care to know … well, maybe the woman if she’ll give me treats. But definitely not the kid and most definitely not the dog!

Jack snickered as he looked out the window and saw the dog in the driveway next door. “Oh, now I see the reason for your discontent––a dog!”

Not to mention the kid!

Jack grabbed his cap from a hook by the front door. “Guess I’ll go introduce myself.” He gazed back at Toby. “Coming, old man?”

Toby hesitated before jumping down from his perch on the back of the couch. May as well get the introductions over with, then I won’t have to bother being neighbourly afterward. Boy, do I miss my Emma. I wonder if she’s okay … hopefully, she’s staying out of trouble. Hard to know since she moved away and is under her brother’s influence now. That can’t be a good thing with him being a killer. Then again, I guess she might be too. I witnessed a different side of Emma … a character I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Jack did good, hiring Jeremy Davies to defend her, but it seems I’m the only one who knows the real truth. Well, me and Emma.

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