The Forbidden Cave


The Forbidden Cave –


The Forbidden Cave is a story of bravery and forgiveness and will delight children and adults alike!

Written by Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour

Cover art and Illustrations by Jennifer Bettio

Cover layout by Josef Stevens, Smashing Pixels

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Once long ago in the Kingdom of Kangaroos there was a cave on the top of Kangaroo Mountain that had been called “The Forbidden Cave.” The stories about this cave put fear into all the Kangaroos in the Kingdom.

One day, Prince Joseph, heir to the Kangaroo throne, decided he would put an end to these tales and, along with his sister, the Princess Jerusa, he set out on a quest to discover what lay beyond the mouth of the Forbidden Cave.

Will Prince Joseph’s bravery put an end to the fears of the Kangaroos? Or…

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