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Picking Up the Pieces

picking up the pieces” “I Thee Fled


From September 17 to October 29 I am helping to support Nova Vita’s women’s shelter. Five dollars from the sale of each copy of “picking up the pieces” will be donated back to the shelter. Joining me in this support is Armanda Lambert with her book “I Thee Fled.” Armanda and I would appreciate your support in helping us help a worthwhile cause…

picking up the pieces” is a collection of poems for those who have been thrown into the depths of desperation, showing them there is a way out of that world and that they are not alone. “I Thee Fled” is a novel about a young woman who found herself in several abusive situations, until she discovered who she really was and made the choice to walk away from that world.

Here is a snippet from the back of “picking up the pieces, ” and the poem that opens the book…

As a woman, I have endured much over the years––some things have left deep scars, some have brought joy. I have watched fellow females struggle, and I have held many of them in my arms and in my heart as they poured out their pain to me.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I had my pen to fight some of the demons that invaded my world, and I was able to use that same pen to touch the hearts of females around me. Many tears were shed as I read some of the poems recorded in this book, as the words touched the spirits of the women listening.

I do not want you to think for one minute that all that is written here in this book has happened to me. I look around, and observe, and my heart bleeds the ink with which I write the poems. I hope that if you are reading them, you will find hope, knowing you are not the only one who has suffered, and knowing there is a life out there worth embracing.

To all my sisters out there: be brave, be strong. Embrace life. When you are down and think there is nothing you can do, call another sister. If you do nothing more than hold each other for a lengthened hug, you will be refreshed.



help me

help me

inner child

give me strength

hold me

inner child

give me perseverance

touch me

inner child

show me passion

teach me

inner child

allow me knowledge

help me

inner child

to understand

show me

inner child

the meanings

help me

inner child

to be proud

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