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Good morning, everyone. It is Monday, a bit crisp, snowflakes falling while I placed the garbage at the curb, but at the moment the sun is shining. Yesterday, I had the privilege of surrounding myself with dreamers, doers, believers, and thinkers! The Paris Fairground’s building was packed with vendors pursuing their dreams, sharing their wares. One of the greatest gifts a dreamer like me can have at these events is when someone comes up to your table and says: “I have your books!” – and they are excited that they do! It is during those moments that I realize my struggles are worth it. And, when someone rushes through the door of a book store you are doing a signing at and says: “I have been waiting so long for this book!” – the hours of standing there become worth it! – even for just one fan. Bottom line here, as the pic says, surround yourself with those who lift you up – have a wonderful day, dear FB family – your Writer on the Run feeling surrounded.


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  • Bertha Joseph

    I purchased a birthday gift for a very dear Friend, from you, “The Temptress”.
    Dianne called me yesterday and said,
    “Oh My God, I just finished that book. It is so great! Oh that Daughter,! Tell me when is the next book
    coming out. I can’t wait. I am telling you I CANNOT WAIT!”

    Well Dear Friend Mary, I guess that says it all !


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