Target: Alex Cross (Alex Cross, #26) by

James Patterson (Goodreads Author)

Target by James Patterson

“Target Alex Cross” by James Patterson did not disappoint me for a moment as one of my go-to light reads that I could get through quickly. He has mastered keeping readers going with his short chapters, each one ending in a cliff hanger and forcing you to read just one more!
Patterson gets political here and presents scenarios that may well one day present themselves to our society, maybe not in the same manner as in Target, but similar events have happened before in other countries where coups have taken place. I shall not give away who in this review because that would spoil the ending, which I found quite intriguing.
I do enjoy Patterson’s books, the ones he writes on his own, especially the Alex Cross ones. I actually enjoyed a couple movies not long ago that were based on Patterson’s books.
Target is well worth picking up for a weekend or evening read. You will not be disappointed.