the morning after. book coverThe Morning After by Lisa Jackson is a nail biting thriller that will keep you whipping through the pages right up to the end. Who is this killer that is taunting the police, especially Pierce Reed, the tough cop who is getting personalized messages from the killer? But the killer doesn’t stop there – they begin to send the same kind of personalized messages to Nikki Gillette, a journalist who is looking to report more than the local school board meetings and other such mundane news.

Pierce and Nikki have a history, and not a good one. Pierce thinks most journalists are scum, making his job to catch the bad guys much harder than it should be, and Nikki tops the scum list. When news comes out of a crime that Pierce is called up to, Nikki suspects this might be the story she has been waiting for. She discovers that Pierce knew the victim – well, at least the one that had been recently killed – buried alive on top of a dead corpse. She gets permission from her boss to work on the story with the lead crime reporter.

As the bodies begin to pile up, Nikki finds herself in a very dangerous position. All the clues lead to one man, and the police focus on him. But things are not always as they seem to be, and soon Nikki finds herself a target of the killer, and she and Pierce are forced to work together to solve the crime as they piece together the notes each one of them are receiving.

Get ready for a wild ride, and an unexpected ending … The Morning After will keep you up reading all night!