Third book in the Vampire Series coming soon!

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Night’s Return––a breathtaking conclusion to the Night’s Vampire Trilogy!

Virginia finds herself on the run again, but this time she is running, not just from the Count Basarab Musat, leader of the oldest vampire family in the world, but from some who are even more diabolical than him! And, she has two half-vampire children––his––to look out for, as well. It becomes increasingly difficult for Virginia to trust anyone, even those who have been her protectors over the past year. Randy, who is unshakably in love with Virginia, seems to be the only constant that she can depend on. But, will he be able to protect her against the onslaught that is descending upon Brantford? Or, will she have to accept protection from the creature that she says she hates––yet, when she is alone with her thoughts and her dreams, yearns for!

Night’s Return plummets you into a swirling tunnel of twists and turns, and you will be very surprised at the end of your journey––or does it end there? Vampires have been known to live forever, haven’t they?

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