You’re Not My Real Mom!

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Of course, the picture depicts a hilarious scenario that was very close and dear to my heart. When my Princess was alive, I don’t know how many times I would tell her to get off the counter or the table, and she would just stare at me like: “Are you talking to me? Really?” And then she would turn her head, much like my human teenage children would do, and ignore me. Of course, if my husband told her to get down, she would look disdainfully at him, but then she would obey.

Is there something to this scenario that can be compared to real family life? Are we, if we are a mother, to be disregarded by our children whether they are two legged or four legged? Is the old saying: “Wait until your father gets home!” still stand in today’s world? What do you think, FB family? I am sure many of you have a child, or a furry friend that at one time or another has either said, or given you the look You’re not my real mom!

Have a wonderful day – your Writer on the Run, reminiscing…

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