Mary was born on November 15, 1953, in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. She is a freelance creative writer who now resides in Brantford, Ontario with her husband, Adel (Ed).

Love for the written word began at a very early age for Mary. Daydreamer was the description her teachers would write on her report cards – little did they know that the seeds of great writings to come were germinating in the caverns of Mary’s mind!

In March 2006, Mary completed a freelance journalism course at the University of Waterloo, after which she began writing freelance articles and a fictional short-story column for the Brantford Expositor.

Mary has published, through Cavern of Dreams Publishing, five poetry anthologiesand two collections of short stories. She also writes children’s stories, novels, plays, and songs. Mary’s most ambitious project in 2016/17 has been the release of nine bilingual children’s books – the Just Imagine Children’s Stories/Histoires pour enfants   These delightful children’s books are available in two formats – a colouring book edition with questions, keywords, and a place for children to write their own story, and a full-colour edition with questions and keywords! Mary also has two youth novels for the older readers – “A Story of Day & Night” and “The Silver Tree.”

In 2011, Mary published the first book in the “Night’s Vampire Trilogy,” “Night’s Gift.”This was followed by “Night’s Children” in 2012, and “Night’s Return” in 2013. At that point, Mary thought she was done with the vampires, but they just wouldn’t die! Her fans wanted to know more about this amazing, alluring family she had created, so, in 2015 she surprised them with a follow-up to the trilogy – “Night’s Temptress.”   In June 2017, Mary released the fifth vampire novel, “Night’s Betrayals,” a follow-up to the Temptress. In September 2018, book six of the Night’s series, “Night’s Revelations” hit the market!

Mary has always loved writing mysteries, and in June 2017, along with the newest vampire novel, she released “Are You Listening to Me?, a Detective Toby Mystery. 

In September 2018, Mary released the second book in the Detective Toby Mystery series – “Running Away From Loneliness.”

For several years Mary was active in the writing community, and she ran a creative writing program, “Just Imagine,” for the Grand Erie District School Board. Mary continues to encourage those who have a love for writing to follow their dreams, and she has assisted many in the publishing of their own books.

Mary’s goals for 2017/18 of more writing have been fulfilled! She completed the final (maybe) book in the Night’s Vampire Series – “Night’s Revelations,” and another Detective Toby Mystery – “Running Away From Loneliness,” and a youth novel, “The Silver Tree.” She is working on turning one of her short stories, “The Gardeners,” into a stage play, as well as looking at a previous children’s play, “Red Rose and the Seven Finkles.” Mary will definitely be a busy lady!

Mary’s Mottos

To live without a dream would be like living in a house without windows.
If there is an artist inside of you, and you do not allow it its freedom, your soul will shrivel and die.
How many of us will realize our dreams before the cobwebs of time cover the cavern of our minds?