As I sit here, close to 7 a.m. on this Monday morning, my eyes are heavy because I’ve already been up for two hours. I am a mom, but my children are all grown up and have families of their own. So, I am not just a mom anymore – I’m a grandmom! I’ve created a new word for those of us who have little ones calling us grandma!

I laughed when I saw this picture of the little fellow hanging on the clothesline. He looks like a  character, doesn’t he? I don’t recommend actually doing this – LOL – but, if the thought ever crossed your mind…but, I am sure there are many other ways for a mom to get her five minute break. Any advice out there – how did you get your five minutes to yourself? For me, when my children were home, it was early mornings like this, before everyone got out of bed – sitting with a cup of tea, a computer – a moment of calm before the invasion. Of course, being a morning person, unlike the rest of my family, once they got up and disturbed my “moments,” I would sing and be all perky, and that would drive them crazy!

As you can see, my mind is a bit scattered this morning, but I am here, wishing all my FB friends a wonderful day – your Writer on the Run getting it done!